Saturday, June 16, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance

I. Love. This. Show.  I'm not a dancer (though I like to think I have some moves), but man, this show gets me. Or I get it.  Either way, I can watch the two hour shows and be riveted the whole time.  I laugh, I cry, sometimes I feel myself moving as the people dance and have to stop.  I think Nigel is an amazingly kind person, and I love watching him interact with the families of those trying out (the mom whose kids came down to the judging table and then got to dance on stage!?! Amazing.).

I will watch this video for the rest of my life and smile every time.

 There are so many more that I could post, but then you'd be here for hours, and I wouldn't get anything done for the rest of the day.  The point is, I love this show! I missed last season, so I'm super excited to be watching this one!  Next week is VEGAS week!!!!

Ok, one more.  Dominic and Sabra give me chills!
Yes, both of those videos were choreographed by Shane Sparks and were Ne-Yo songs.  What can I say? I know what I like :)  I miss Shane Sparks on that show.

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