Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Thoughts

So, I haven't posted on here in about forever, but I have some random thoughts and an empty classroom...

1. I had a conversation with a student this morning that went like this:
*Student sidles up to me in the hall
Me: Hey there.
Student: Hey.........................................
......................Bill (name changed) looks creepy with no hair.
Me: Huh. How are you?
Student: Sick
Me: Sick, huh?
Student: No.
Me: *staring, obviously confused*
Student: I feel like I'm going to throw up.
*Student walks away leaving me staring at him as he walks down the hall.

This happens a lot. Kids say things, I stare.

2. Watermelon is delicious, and I'm glad it's coming back in season.

3. I sewed a yoga mat bag yesterday. It's awesome!

4. I went on a walk at lunch today, and I think rather than putting my heels back on I'm going to wear my workout shoes the rest of the day.  The students will be impressed.

5. Remember the chipmunk from this post.  Well, he's alive an well and in another teacher's room and is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.  One day he stretched. It was amazing.

6. T-minus 2 months until we move back to Wisconsin. So much to do!

That is all.