Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Confessions Link-Up

I tell myself I'm going to do this each week, and I don't.  So, I'm writing the post now, on Saturday, and will try to schedule it to post on Wednesday.
*I did not post this last Wednesday, but I am this Wednesday!

I confess that I'm a lazy, lazy bum on weekends, and just don't want to do anything!

I confess that I have been obsessively counting calories on and have been doing very well! Also, it seems to be working.  I know this because...

I confess that I weigh myself every morning on our wildly inaccurate bathroom scale.  It's good to keep an eye on things!

I confess that I'm almost as excited for all the takeout that I get to eat over our Christmas vacation as I am about seeing family and friends....almost. Hey, I get to talk to family and friends and tell them I miss them. I do not get to talk to Chipotle and tell the burritos how much I miss them.  That's normal, right?

I confess I am counting the days until Christmas Break (when you read this, there will be 9 (correction: 6!!!) school days)!!!!!

I confess I am hard on my students because I want them to succeed and start taking responsibility for themselves.

I confess that the above confession is making a lot more work for me and driving me to frustration and exhaustion on a daily basis.  I'm starting to understand why some teacher run off worksheets and fill their days with that, but I won't, and I hope it's worth it.

I confess that I love when I have my room full of students getting help for their work, but some days, I need the room to myself during prep and I kick most out.  Though that's very rare.

I confess that I just ate a bunch of homemade potato chips, and I want more.  It's just baked potato slices and the dip is made with greek yogurt so there's no fat.  Maybe I'll make more....(this is happening on Saturday).

Whew! I just kept thinking of stuff.  All done!