Saturday, June 30, 2012


The fella and I love camping! Last year when we came to Idaho from Wisconsin (and back) for my interview, we finally got to take the trip that we had been planning for a year.  The trip took 11 or 12 days (I can't remember), and we tented it the whole way visiting Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore, seeing a bear, and perfecting our camp set up skills.  We haven't had time to camp since then, so last week was much anticipated and looked forward to. There's just something relaxing about being out in the woods with nothing to think of except what time to start cooking, or how many S'mores to eat (the answer to that is: a lot!). Here's a quick rundown of the trip!

This has nothing to do with camping, but this little guy was in our front yard the other day!

That's the road we took.

The town from high above! I think it was around this time that I rolled the window up and said, "'s a little colder up here, huh?" I had no idea how cold it would get!

He caught a fish on his first cast. Jerk.

Somewhere around this time we started to get cold...really cold.

My favorite part of camping may just be the food :)

We used cast iron as plates in an attempt to keep our food warm for more that 30 seconds in the blustery winds. It worked for about 45 seconds, but man was it delicious!

S'mores, of course!

I may or may not have had 10. Also, I think this is the one that I put 2 marshmallows on. After S'mores, we crawled into the tent and listened to the wind.  It was ridiculously cold, like my teeth hurt when I woke up in the morning because I must have been clenching them as I tossed and turned on our not-so-comfy sleeping mats!
Best. purchase. ever. If you know me at all, you know I enjoy salt. This is a salt and pepper shaker in one that's perfect for camping!

The fella's birthday breakfast :)

I don't generally NEED something specific (except whatever food I'm craving at the moment), but when we went on our trip last year, I HAD to have this! We have the mugs, too!

So. On our first morning there, we decided to go to another small lake to see if there was better fishing there. The fish at the lake where we were staying were weak and small. So off we went.  That's the lake down there.  The fella had said he heard the road was pretty rough. Wow. Understatement.

We drove that fast. I know it looks like we're sitting still, but I swear we were moving.

So we drove like that for half an hour, only to be met with this!

Trying to move it? He got out of the truck and studied the clearly unmovable tree, pushed on it for awhile, walked back and forth, and got back in the truck announcing that we couldn't get through. He also announced that he should probably carry a chainsaw, not just the axe that he has in the back of the truck.

 After that, we headed back to camp, took a nap, made supper again, had more S'mores, and went to sleep.  Luckily the second night wasn't nearly as cold as the first, but the ground was just as hard (we need to figure out a better system!). We got up the next morning, had breakfast, and took off for home relaxed and looking forward to our next trip!


  1. looks like a great camping trip... i am especially jealous of your yellowstone/mt rushmore trip!!

    1. Thanks, Jen! I'm hoping to do a post about the Yellowstone/Mt. Rushmore trip eventually. It was amazing!

  2. I love your blogs as they are so you.. I can hear your voice telling the story.. Blow up air beds/ The kind like you are in an actual bed.. small air compressor...

    1. Oh, good! I was hoping it sounded like me, sometimes I wasn't sure lol! We've thought about getting the air bed. I think R said they deflate pretty fast, but I really can't remember why we haven't gotten them. They sound perfect.