Saturday, June 16, 2012

Monday's Mutts

I recently started volunteering at our local animal shelter.  The fella and I aren't ready to get our own dog just yet, but that doesn't mean that I don't love them and want to fill our house with them!  This is my first summer off as a teacher and while I looooove sitting on the couch all day covered in chips and cross-eyed from all the tv I've been watching, I wanted to do something a little more worthwhile.  Enter the animal shelter.

I went for the first time on Friday and again on Saturday, and since I didn't take a camera and don't know how to put cell phone pictures on my computer I'm taking these images from (if there are any bloggers who know the rules for posting pictures from other sites, let me know. Do I have to put a source for all of them?).

Anyway...without further ado, Monday's Mutts!  Who doesn't need some cute puppies on a Monday!?!

This is Juan
Juan: Australian Shepherd, Dog; Salmon, ID

I love him.  I'm going back tomorrow to walk him again.  He's shy at first and so loving.  He's amazing on a leash and walked right next to me the entire time, no pulling, no tugging, nothing!  When he was standing in his little fenced in area, the other dogs were barking and running around, and he just sat and looked around.  Plus, his name is Juan.  He almost ended up in the truck with me...

On Saturday, Juan went back to his original shelter.  He was at this one until they had room at the original.  I hope he finds an amazing home!

This is Mr. Miller

Mr. Miller: Bernese Mountain Dog, Dog; Salmon, IDHe's the first guy I walked, and he's wonderful!  Once he calmed down after all the excitement of realizing he was going on a walk, he walked right next to me and even stayed on the sidewalk rather then exploring the grassy areas!  I like that he's referred to as a mister.  It makes him a little more distinguished.

He went back to his original shelter with Juan.

This is Gretta

Gretta: Terrier, Dog; Salmon, IDShe was hilarious!  She trotted along next to me and would get excited if she found a pine cone, stick, or empty soda bottle.  She'd pick up whatever she found, carry it for a little bit, then drop it and find something else to carry.  Instead of walking on the road, she apparently found it fun to trot right through all the weeds on the side of the road while they smacked her in the face.  I laughed the whole walk!

This is Suzie Q

Suzy Q: Catahoula Leopard Dog, Dog; Salmon, IDShe is, well, just amazing.  If she were a person, I would describe her as soft spoken.  She kept my pace the entire walk.  If I slowed down, she slowed down.  If I sped up, so did she.  Every time I stopped, she stopped and looked at me as if to say, "What are we doing now? I'll do whatever you do!"  I'm excited to go back to see her! But better yet, I hope she gets a great home very, very soon.

I hate that these guys are in the shelter, but I love that they get the attention that they do at a really nice facility with lots of room for them.  That's it for Monday's Mutts!


  1. I love that you do this! I have always wanted to, but i dont know if I would be able to handle seeing all those dogs in the shelter and not being able to take them all home It would just KILL me. Major kudos to you!

    1. It's definitely hard, but it helps that it's a really nice center, and the people really seem to care for them. Most of the people that work there have dogs from the shelter that picked them, not the other way around. They are so, so, so appreciative of the help. I think one guy actually used the phrase, "I thank you from the bottom of my heart." It's totally worth it, but it's definitely difficult!