Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Confessions Link Up!

I found a new blog the other day that I've been spending my lunch hour reading. Mrs. Bear over at Think Happy Thoughts started a link up party for Wednesday's Confessions and I wanted to join! So here goes...

I confess...that I spend a lot of my lunch/prep poking around the internet while I eat.  It keeps me sane :)

I confess...I'm so excited about the pizza and wings that are in the oven for supper.

I confess...that I've gone to the bar instead of going to yoga for just about every Thursday this week. I'm changing that tomorrow...and I have wine ready for me at home so I have incentive to come home after yoga!

I confess...I kind of wish I had experienced Frankenstorm.  I used to live in VA and was there for a Noreaster, and it was really interesting/a little scary.  But really I'm glad I was safe and dry in Idaho.

I confess...I watch way too much t.v. and I can't wait to catch up on all my shows this weekend :)

There ya have it! Wednesday's Confessions! This was a quick one...there's only about 5 minutes left on my pizza!!!!

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  1. I'm with ya on the lunchtime-sit-around-and-troll-the-web lunch. I do it everyday, sometimes you just need a break! And I'm right there sitting next to you at the bar on Thursday's. Does lifting your beer mug count as a workout? I think so!

    1. If lifting a beer mug counts as a workout, then workout clothes (i.e. sweat/yoga pants) would be appropriate bar attire. Love it!

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  3. Thank you SO much for linking up! I am giving you a shout out on my blog today for becoming my 400th follower. Thanks for doing that too :) Also... I miss the days of being in an office where I could look at blogs and comment during my lunch hours! It was my favorite thing to do!!!