Saturday, November 3, 2012

Life Lately

Life lately has been crazy! Between the fella working a (sort of) second job, me working, me trying to work out regularly, helping friends, and making holiday plans (i.e. Christmas shopping) there's been a lot going on.  I think things are going to slow down a little now.  Though parent/teacher conferences are Wednesday, so we'll see.

Here are some things that have been going on:

1. We got our first's gone now.

2. I bought a pasta maker at a yard sale for TWO DOLLARS (it's like $80 online!) and had a pasta making adventure! I made it a little too thick, but it was DELICIOUS! I'm really loving this making-our-food-from-scratch thing.  We're still not the healthiest eaters, but we rarely eat processed/packaged foods.  I also made homemade meatballs with the pasta.  Num!
So pretty :)

3. The people we used to rent from and that the fella has worked for had their annual Angus sale, so we went and helped out.  I didn't take many pictures though.  I always feel a little awkward taking random pictures.  Is that something you just get over, or do other people not feel awkward? Anyway...

 I watched the sale for awhile, and it's amazing how fast everything moves.  My face always itches at auctions because I know I shouldn't move my hands.  I don't want to walk out of there with a $5000 bull!

I had a very serious conversation with a 5 year old about how poop that comes from a cow's butt is the same as poop that comes from a human's butt.  He was trying to convince his little brother that poop was not interesting.  It was awesome.

I also heard this conversation:
Buyer Check-In Lady "Have you bought from the sale before?"
Buyer "No, but I have bought semen."
 What's weird is that it was a completely normal conversation at a cattle ranch.

4. I got an iPad at school.  I'm not sure what to do with it.  I'm really not too impressed so far.  But I'll keep trying.

5. Ohio State (my Alma Mater/love of my life football team) is UNDEFEATED!!! After a shaky season riddled with scandal, an interim head coach, and ineligibility for the post-season (we're still ineligible), we're turning things around. A Heisman candidate, Urban Meyer, and a (so far) undefeated season! Never mind that I don't get to watch any of the games because of our lack of cable, I'm just happy we're doing well!!!


  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself out there.. Beautiful scenery and you are the teacher in a parent teacher conference.. Wow..
    Love you

    1. I am the teacher in the parent/teacher conference...I'm good as long as I'm not the parent, lol!

  2. Ah SO jealous of your snow and homemade pasta!!!!

    1. Haha well the snow stayed for all of 10 minutes, so don't be too jealous! The pasta was awesome though :)