Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's the Little Things

I know I've written a lot about field trips lately, but something happened on the most recent field trip that I thought was really interesting that got me thinking more about the little moments in life that we sometimes miss.  Little experiences that slip by as we look toward other things.

 I've said many times that my town is smaaaaaalllll. But sometimes even I forget how small.  When we were at the museum a few girls came up to me all excited, "Ms. K!" they said, "come ride the elevator with us!"


There was a sign next to the elevator that said children had to be supervised, but I couldn't figure out why in the world they wanted to ride the elevator to the only other floor in the building, the 2nd.

"C'mon! It's so much fun!" they all exclaimed.  By that time they were pulling me towards it.

"Um...ok. Sure," I said.  As we rushed to the elevator and they pushed the button to call the elevator to us, it hit me! We don't have elevators.  I can think of one, maybe two, buildings that might have an elevator.  This was cool!  I rode with the girls to the 2nd floor and off they skipped.  I wasn't planning to ride again, but a kid that I know doesn't get out much came walking up to me expressing disappointment that he hadn't gotten to ride.  I asked if he had ridden one before, and he said maybe once or twice.  We got on the elevator, he pushed the button, and as the elevator started it's 1 floor descent he beamed.  There was a window on the back side of the elevator and he was very impressed that we could see outside.  

I must have let 30 kids ride the elevator, and it was the most fun I've ever had on an elevator ride.

The next time you ride an elevator, enjoy it :)

My morning view that I'm trying to fully appreciate everyday :)


  1. If you were a kid who didn't have but, I believe, two escalator (one floor), and two? elevator in their hometown maybe you wouldn't understand this as much as I did.. How fun you had so much fun.. I love you. and I bet you are really the most awesome teacher.. Am I'm thinking there was one escalator.. and that was in Lowenstines..