Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ode to My Neon

You have carried me many miles and are still going strong.
You weren't meant to be mine, but let's face it
we belong together.
You're CD player works only when you want it to,
usually when I need it most.
We've driven from the ocean to the mountains,
and we're not done yet!

I haven't always treated you very nicely.
Sometimes I run into things.
Sometimes things run into you.
Your trunk is still smashed in from that fated day
when my brother left for Cleveland
 and didn't see that pesky dumpster.
I've broken two rims,
but you keep turning those wheels.

We've been together for 125,000 miles.
The day I met the fella was your 100,000 mile milestone.
I told him, "You don't know me,
and I'm sure you don't care,
but my car is going to turn over to 100,000 miles
when I leave here."
Now your milestones are our milestones.
Using your odometer as an anniversary gauge
rather than the calendar.

So thank you, Neon,
for your never ending loyalty
to my wandering cause.
I hope you live to see 200,000,
and I'll be right there with you.

*I composed this in part on my way to Boise. This is what happens when you drive 5 hours alone with very spotty radio reception...

*I took these pictures today while she's being worked on in the garage, so they're not fantastic.


  1. I have a car that is similarly old but loyal. And I'll drive my sweet Honda Accord until the day she dies. Which hopefully won't be anytime soon.

    1. Mine's in the garage right now being given a new wheel baring. She wouldn't have lasted this long if it wasn't for the fella!

  2. That was great.. I drove my firebird until the brakes gave out at the dealership...

    1. I'll drive her until she just can't go anymore! Which I hope is quite awhile since she has to drive me to Idaho Falls on Tuesday, so I can come see you!!!