Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chickens and bunnies and family, oh my!

My trip continues...

After leaving Gloucester, VA, I continued to Ruckerville, VA to hang out with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin's kids.  I've always loved going to their house.  It's relaxing, they have guns, we laugh until our sides hurt, and now they have chickens and bunnies!

Breezy girl with Rooster Cogburn.

Ellie Belly and her gigantor slice of watermelon that she promptly dropped on the ground. In the chicken pen.

I officially want a bunny.

I officially want two bunnies!

Rooster Cogburn looks like he's wearing bell bottoms, and that makes me giggle.


My Aunt Nancy :)

Coloring time with the girls and my mom.  She stays in the lines, but she used to tell me that since I was the one coloring, I could make things any color I wanted. Hello, purple dogs and green cats!

Yesterday, we drove to Ohio where I'll get to spend time with more of my people and relax.  Today is a pedicure and Chipotle kind of day. Tomorrow is Columbus!!!


  1. Great pics.. ehh on mine but photogenic I am not.. Seeing those chickens maked me look at the clock and now I must go shut the hen house door...I love your blog..

    1. Thanks for being my reader! I think you're it, and maybe one or two others :). I love that picture of you! Thanks for a wonderful time as always!!!

    2. Love these pics and blog. It WAS a wonderful time as always!