Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

It's time for another edition of Friday's Letters with Ashely at Adventures of Newlyweds! I'm actually writing this on Thursday because tomorrow begins the celebrations in our little town.  I'll have a post all about it sometime this weekend, though I'm missing pictures from the actual 4th, since I forgot my! Oh, well, I'll write these like it's actually Friday.

Dear run that I fought going on on Thursday, I'm sure I got my lazy butt off the couch and actually did sometime. You're making me feel skinnier, so I'd like to think I kept it up. Sorry I didn't go. I did do yoga though!

Dear cookout food on the 4th, the wonderful woman who invited us to her cookout noted that among the food there were no potatoes or pasta.  "We've come a long way!" she said. I agree. We had chicken, baked beans, fruit, fruit, and fruit...and homemade ice cream.  I liked that you were healthier than normal considering my most recent push to not look like a hippo, but boy, did I miss those potatoes!

Dear fella, thank you so much for fixing my car (you're working on it on Thursday, so I'm hoping it will be finished in time for this post). The Red Dragon will live a much longer life thanks to you and your vigilance. 

*To read The Ode to My Neon, read this*  

Dear Fish and Game, thanks for doing the holiday owed thingy so the fella can have Friday off :). I really wanted to go to all the neat stuff happening but definitely didn't want to go along. It was an awesome surprise that he gets to go with me. Yaaaaaaay!!!!

Dear Hospice waffle cones and huckleberry ice cream, why are you so delicious? I'm going to eat one of you again today.

I think that's it for letters today! When you read this, I'll be downtown celebrating our independence with the fella, delicious food, and a parade!!!


  1. Car problems, too?!?! My husband's transmission dropped this week! Glad your car is back on the road!

    1. Eeesh! Transmission issues are no good! I hope it's fixed soon!!

  2. Hope you have the mostest fun

  3. Yay R! Huckleberry ice cream - mmmm would love to taste it. I bet celebrating the 4th in Salmon is a lot of down home fun. Cheers to good friends and good food.

    1. Yay R is right!!! Huckleberry's a big thing out here, and it's delicious!!!