Sunday, September 30, 2012


After hunting a few times in the mountainous terrain, the fella and I decided to keep our eyes open for a 4-wheeler.  We knew we'd use them, and I didn't want to look back at our time in Idaho and say, "Wouldn't it have been cool if we would have had 4-wheelers?"  There's so many places here that you just can't get to with a truck.  We kept our eyes and ears open and one day the fella called me at work and said he heard about a few on the radio.  We were going to drive an hour to the next town to look at them, but then the seller said he was headed our way anyway and would bring them to us.  He was bringing two, but we just wanted one.

A few hours later, he drove away with an empty trailer, and we sat in our driveway with 2 new toys.

Up until yesterday, we had only used one for hunting.  We decided to take them out for their first trip :)

That's hard to do with a truck but a piece of cake for a 4-wheeler!

An old work site.

There were 5 or 6 cabins where the workers would stay.  It was waaay in the middle of nowhere!
After 7 miles and an hour and a half, we made it to the lake!

That's our town!
We had so much fun, but today my hand, shoulder, and butt are killing me!!! (Does that count as a workout???)

Oh, and just because, here's a picture of me from a few weeks ago before going grouse hunting. I got 2, the fella got 3!


  1. You badass girl... dan and i want to see pictures of your 4wheelers..

    1. Hehe I'll take pics soon and put them on facebook!

  2. Just so you know, your dad had written a nice sumpin' sumpin' about your blogand then lost it logging in - you think I would write my passwords down.
    Here's my re creation of it. We enjoyed looking at all that beautiful scenery and especially the pic of you and your gun. Your mother is calling you Daniella Boone. Keep writing we enjoy reading your blog. Love, DAD.
    PS. You have a gift for writing. Love Dad and MOM

  3. I'd love to have this picture framed and on our end table. Nana would get a kick out of it. I told her about it.