Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day in the Life

I've live in Idaho for a year as of today (I'm writing this on the 18th).  One year ago today, the fella and I pulled into this little, random town in the middle of nowhere and for the first time lived on our own.  No roommates, no parents, just he and I and the deer in the yard.  We've loved every second of our life here and love the fact that it really is a random, off-the-beaten-path type of place. 

Two of my best friends in Columbus had many questions about life in Idaho-what do you do? Where do you go? Who do you hang out with? What places are there for food? etc.  I told them that I would do a few "day-in-the-life" posts to give them a glimpse into my daily life.  Today is Saturday, so I thought I'd do a post about a typical weekend day.

We woke up this morning and went to some yard sales.  I found a pair of jean capris for $2 (plus a free basket), a sign for the Laundry Room that says "Laundry Room-Drop Drawers Here" for $1, and a set of jumper cables for $1.

After that we came home and set up the army wall tent that we bought yesterday for our hunting camp.

All laid out ready to go!

The stakes and posts.
The center pole takes both of us to set up.  The fella takes the top part and heaves it up while I attempt to step on the end to steady it while simultaneously pushing from the bottom while trying to not fall over and ruin the whole thing.

All set up!

The inside is huge, and it came with a wood burning stove for those cold winter nights.
 After we set up the tent, I cut up some carrots and cantelope.

I attempted a healthy snack before our seriously unhealthy lunch.

 This weekend the Sacajawea Cultural Center is having their Heritage Days.  There are old-timey vendors, music, and dutch oven cooks who sell their food for very reasonable prices.

Dutch oven lunch-potatoes, pasta, paella, enchiladas, and bacon. Delicious! Apparently there are dutch oven cooking clubs.  It's kind of a big deal.

Primitive living exhibit.

I think this is beef jerky.

The outdoor kitchen.

Apparently this is the archaeological dig site. I think that plastic bottle is an original.

A bridge.  The fella was kind enough to say I could go first. Then we walked in the opposite direction.

Did you know that the Indians drank Arizona lemonade and ate Lunchables?  Neither did I.

 After our rather large lunch and walking around in the heat, we decided it was time for some relaxation, so we came home and settled into watch a few episodes of Lost.  We started watching it from the beginning a few weeks ago and we're hooked!

Then, the fella went out elk watching and I've settled in to watch The Devil Wears Prada (which I could watch a million times for some reason), eat popcorn, feel guilty about the popcorn, and then decide whether or not I should eat a salad to balance it out or just not eat anything else.  Ahhh, decisions. I decided to make chicken tenders with hot sauce. When the fella gets home, we'll probably watch another episode of Lost and then head to bed.

And that, my friends, is a day in the life in Idaho.  Next weekend in the fair and Rodeo that I'm very excited about.  Fingers crossed for funnel cakes!!!


  1. What a day.. and I learned so much.. I thought the two tents were yours and I was very impressed. Have fun Elk hunting.. and eating..I love to eat.. We missed you this weekend.. It was fun. You would have liked it.. Love you and miss you.. This is alot for commenting but I am your Aunt so I can...

  2. hey there! newest follower to your awesome blog... LOVED the post! so cool and i LOL'd at the water bottle joke ha! too funny. excited to read more from ya :) and would love if you followed back!